Comersintex, a company which sells fabrics for leather goods, footwear and upholstery, offers a product completely manufactured and finished in Spain, with all the guarantees and quality seals that meet all the European standards and regulations.

One of our main features is that we create and design exclusively for our clients with all the different manufacturing and stamping techniques that we offer; like the Jacquard fabric, digital stamping or the rotary stamping.

After more than a decade on textile manufacturing we have learned that the most important issue is to offer the best service to our clients adapting to their particular needs.

We believe in the quality of our products as we use the best raw materials and we can guarantee that all our fabrics go through a thorough quality control.

We also believe in the power of design so we remain vigilant on the latest trends and we are continuously renovating and innovating our collections.

Our company understands that natural products give life to any design, so we have a production line that works with natural raw materials and we also innovate in processes that re environmentally friendly.