Cortinas clásicas

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Classic or traditional curtains decorate and create style in the home, allow to design spaces to measure and regulate the adequate light at every moment of the day, conferring a large dose of personality to each stay.

We have the curtains you can imagine: smooth, patterned and embroidered curtains; curtains of winter or summer character; curtains for the living room, bedroom, children's room, bathroom or kitchen; Chill out curtains for interior or exterior.

Aware of its importance, at Comersintex we take care of each and every one of our fabrics in detail and with all our affection. We develop our collections based on current trends, based on the most advanced technical innovations to always achieve the best quality / price ratio.

Examples of Cortinas clásicas

The possibilities that we offer you within our collection of curtains are endless. These are just some examples of current trends in classical or traditional curtains.

Work done in Cortinas clásicas

The best guarantee is that of our work. This is just a small selection of our work done to date.