Vertical slats

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The vertical slats or curtains allow to adjust or select the lighting of a room at each moment of the day with the movement and the mechanisms of these.

With elegant modern and minimalist style, we can open them in different ways: to the right or to the left, central opening, with the sides directed to the center or displaced to both sides. Its vertical slats rotate 180 degrees, thus achieving complemented graduations to measure. Also, they can be installed in large vertical windows. For cleaning and maintenance, just turn the slats a little and pass over them a slightly moistened cloth.

Its great capacity for adaptation, drawings with great design load, can create a different home, we have also used them for separation of spaces in homes, in kitchens of dining rooms.

Examples of Vertical slats

The slats lend themselves to a wide variety of designs, most of them modern style. Below we show you some of the possibilities and results that may come to offer.

Work done in Vertical slats

We have installed vertical slats in homes, offices, studios, offices and restaurants. In the following photographs we show you some work done.