Comersintex, a company dedicated to selling fabrics for leather goods, footwear and upholstery, offers a product completely manufactured and finished in Spain, with all the guarantees and quality seals that meet all the European standards and regulations.

One of our main features is that we create and design exclusively for our clients with all the different manufacturing and stamping techniques that we offer; like the Jacquard fabric, digital stamping or the rotary stamping.

Productos Comersintex

After a decade on textile manufacturing we have learned that the most important issue is to offer the best service to our clients adapting to their particular needs.

We believe in the quality of our products as we use the best raw materials and we can guarantee that all our fabrics go through a thorough quality control.

We believe in the power of design. We remain vigilant on the latest trends and we are continuously renovating and innovating our collections.

Our company understands that natural products give life to any design, so we have a production line that works with natural raw materials and we also innovate in processes that re environmentally friendly.

Smooth linings

Our company has seven different fabrics IN STOCK with different compositions and for different uses, with an average of more than 25 colors for each fabric.

Sarga, Fodera, Antelina, Moare, Raso Int., Antílope, Satin

Natural fibers

This company believes in natural fiber products, simple and with a pronounced texture, that bring to life every product designed with them. This is the reason behind working with raw materials as linen, cotton and jute. We also innovate in processes that respect the environment.

Linen 280, Relur, Tosca, Mana, Roma, Canvas

Jacquard linings

It is a very important part of our industrial base. Our company has a section of looms for this kind of manufacturing in different fabric compositions like 100% cotton, 100% polyester and polyester/cotton.
On these Jacquard linings we obtain an added value to the product by adding resin coat to one side to avoid fraying or the opening of the seams without losing the textile feel. We are specialists on this.

100% Polyester, Polyester | Cotton, 100% Cotton, Sharp Colors, High Definition, Vintage themed

Printing on natural fibers

Pioneer technique in Spain on ink jet printing. This is a system with reactive dyes, adequate response to the solidity on the cellulose fibers: 100% linen, 100% cotton, 100% jute.

  • Light fastness, ISO 105-BO2						4
  • Wash fastness, 50c, B1S, ISO 105. C06				4-5
  • Acid perspiration fastness , ISO 105 – E04			4-5
  • Alkaline perspiration fastness, ISO 105 – E04			4-5
  • Water fastness,  ISO 105- E01						4-5
  • Chlorinated water fastness ISO 105-E03				3-4

MR-8519, MR-8717, MR-8727, MR-8728, MR-8733, MR-8736, MR-8737, MR-8738, MR-8739, MR-8740, MR-8745

Recycled fibers

Our company is aware of the effect of the air emissions on the climate change and we are committed to address this situation by producing environmentally friendly recycled fabrics.

The use of recycled cotton presents important advantages over conventional cotton or virgin cotton.

The production of one ton of recycled cotton fabric compared to the production of a ton of conventional cotton fabric presents the following advantages:

  1. A saving of 4817.6 liters of water
  2. A saving of 16,5 kg of chemical products
  3. We hold back the emission of 233,8 kg of C02 into the atmosphere
  4. We discard 3574,4 liters less of residual contaminated water
  5. An energy saving of 512,5 kw/h
  6. We recycle textiles and rags that otherwise would become waste
  7. A Saving of 1990,1 m2 of cultivated area per ton of cotton that can be used for other crops.

Comparison of energy consumption between virgin cotton and recycled cotton.

The use of recycled polyester coming from PET bottles prevents that a large amount of PET bottles end up in landfills or incinerated emitting Co2 into the atmosphere.

Eco Katar, Eco Congo, Eco Praia, Eco Asmara, Eco Ghana, Eco Argel, Eco Benin, Eco Camerún, Eco Lusaka, Eco Gabon, Eco Dakar, Eco Lagos

Technical finishes

Our company has the cooperation of companies specifically dedicated to the application of different technical processes in any of our fabrics:

100% recycled fabric				Brands and grades
Resinated							Clariant
Anti bacteria						Sanitizend
Anti fungal						Sanitizend
Anti mites							Sanitizend
Anti piling
Water proof certificate				Teflón
Stain and water repellent certificate	Teflón
Fireproof							M1/ M2/ M3
Reactive coloring tinctures

Rotary printing

Our company offers the possibility of rotary stamping with different techniques and up to 20 colors per design. Possibility of stamping in cuatricomy and devore.